MANGALAJODI : The Bird watcher’s Paradise

An Invitation to the BIRD LOVERS…

Mangalajodi House Boat

MANGALAJODI is a beautiful village located on the banks of the CHILIKA Lake which was earlier known as Poachers Village but now is a protectors village due to their tireless efforts in saving Mangalajodi wetland for more than 10 years now. Community effort ( K7 Holidays thanks CPSW & Wild Orissa for their sincere effort to make it real ) and nature beauty make it an ideal spot for Eco-tourism and the real Paradise for Birdwatchers as it houses large numbers of Migratory Birds. The sight from the Watch Tower creates an illusion of the world famous ‘West Lake’ of China as the Picturesque view of the Horizon meeting enormous waterways. One can enjoy a hand driven country boat ride ( Motor boats are not allowed so as to give the migratory birds a peaceful and noise free environment )

Mangaljodi BirdMangaljodi bird

More than 300000 birds can be sighted during the winter ( peak season). According to last year’s census it hosts more than 200000 birds. Mangalajodi  supports over 200,000 – 300,000 waterfowls in winter with populations of more than 15 species, these includes Wood sand pipers, Golden Daggers, Munias  Prinias, Warblers Robins, Thrushes & Babblers, Citrine Wagtails, Pipits, Bee-caters, Pide Kingfishers, Swifts, Gulls, Terns, Waders, Jacanas Rails, Crakes, Moorhens, Coots  Raptors, Grey Lag Geese & Spot biled Ducks, Ibises, Storks, Herons, Egrets & Bitterns,  Cormorants/Shags Grebes families.

ACCOMMODATION AND FACILITIES : ‘K7 Holidays’ can be able to book your accommodation at the Mangalajodi Eco Camp, initiated by CPSW and Wild Orissa. Where you may enjoy the tented accommodation with lodging and boarding facility. As it is located only 65 km. away from Bhubaneswar, one can also take a day excursion from Bhubaneswar. 

HOW TO REACH THERE : ‘K7 Holidays’ can be able to book your transportation according to the nos of visitors with budget and Luxury category transportation.

One can take the Special Promotional Bird Watching package which also includes other itineraries like Golden Triangle Tour ( PURI – KONARK – CHILIKA ) package.

Mangaljodi Birds

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  1. S Mishra says:

    Nice one.Actually this place is a hidden treasure.

  2. Dr. Shreekant Kelkar says:

    An Eye surgeon by profession Bird photography a passion. Need to have a good guide and staying arrangement for mr and my wife both age 60 +

  3. Dr. G. santosh babu says:

    Greetings. Want to know about your “special promotional bird watching package” from Bhubaneswar. We want to visit mangaljodi, puri and konark then return back to bhubaneswar.

    Please send details.

  4. Dear Sir,
    Kindly update about Mangalajodi Ecotourism at your website. And after that send a link to us we will share our customers.
    For mangalajodi ecotourism

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