OLIVE RIDLEY The Orissa’s Wonder

OLIVE RIDLEY Orissa’s Wonder

Turtles : GahirmathaOlive Ridley turtles (Lepidochelys olivacea) are a widely distributed species that nest synchronously in huge masses on beaches in Orissa. Orissa has three most important breeding beaches for Olive Ridley where almost half a million turtles nest annually, between January and March. These are the Beaches of Gahirmatha in the Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary (Kendrapada district), the mouth of the river Rushikulya (Ganjam district) and the mouth of the river Devi (Puri district).

Today, Gahirmatha is the only remaining place worldwide where the famed mass nesting or arribada has consistently being taking place over the last decade. Gahirmatha is the only marine wildlife sanctuary of Orissa as notified by Government of Orissa, Forest & Environment Department. From 1975 onwards Gahirmatha has supported the largest reported arribadas which range from a 100 – 700,000 nesting turtles every year.

Last year 1.8 lakh female Olive Ridley turtles have arrived in mass and laid eggs, a unique natural phenomenon, at Gahirmatha marine sanctuary in Kendrapara district.

Around 1.5 lakh Olive Ridleys nested along the coastline near the Rushikulya Rookery in March and the eggs have started hatching after 45 days. More than 100 eggs were laid into every nest. On an average, however, around 80 hatchlings came out of each nest.
The Olive Ridleys are literally invading the beach and are digging 2-3 feet deep pits to lay eggs. They covered the pits with sand after laying the eggs and loitered in the area for an hour or two before disappearing into the waves. With thousands of the turtles digging the pits at the same time, it creates a soothing cacophony. The mass hatching, once starts, expected to continue for next two to three days.

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The Gahirmatha Turtle Sanctuary is the largest breeding place of the turtles. Situated in the Kendrapara District of Orissa, it is also the home of the world famous Olive Ridley sea turtles. To reinforce its beauty, there is the long beach area which is becoming a major attraction. It is truly said that the Gahirmatha Turtle Sanctuary is Orissa’s future in tourism.

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