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K7 Holidays : Buddhist Monuments : Dhauli -the peace pagoda of Orissa

Buddhism was known in Orissa, right from the time of its inception, though the Lord Buddha never visited Orissa during his lifetime. Buddhist tourism in Orissa has observed the opening up of some new vistas by recent findings from excavations. Despite the fact that many Buddhist monuments already exist in Orissa, these newly identified sites with Buddhist remains have also added to the charm of Orissa. With Lalitagiri, Ratnagiri and Udaygiri hills and Dhauli Peace Pagoda, Orissa attracts many Buddhist tourists each year. Buddhist Monuments in Orissa range from rock edicts to elaborately carved and sculptured Buddhist monasteries. Orissa, under the reign of the reformed Emperor Ashok in around 260 BC, became a flourishing center for Buddhism.

K7 Holidays Buddhist Monuments

Dhauli, Orissa, is famous for its Buddhist Monuments. It also happens to be the place where the bloodiest of battles was fought and won by Emperor Ashok. It is also the moment that marked his transformation from an ambitious king of a prospering kingdom to a follower of Buddha and his teaching. There are two major rock edicts evidence surviving here in Orissa. The inscriptions are public injunctions where Emperor Ashok asks his administrators and the general public to live peacefully and fall the lessons that Buddhism has to offer.

The Peace Pagoda (Vishwa Shanti Stupa), built in 1972 Kalinga Nippon Buddha Sangha, is another popular tourist destination that you can visit on your tour of Buddhist destinations in Orissa. The small rock cut caves and medieval Hindu temples in Dhauli, Orissa, are other places that are worth seeing on your tour of Buddhist Monuments in Orissa.

K7 Holidays Buddhist Monuments

Udayagiri, situated at the foot of a large hill, forms the three major Buddhist attractions of the state along with Ratnagiri and Lalitgiri. This hill provides an extremely grandiose backdrop for Udayagiri Buddhist complex. Udayagiri Buddhist complex is not as old as Ratnagiri or Lalitgiri. Scholars believe that Biraja (now Jajpur) was a sacred land of Buddha Padmaprabha and the cradle of Mahayana, supported by fact that Jajpur and its neighbourhood are seen to be rich in Mahayanic antiquities. In the 7th century, the visit of Hiuen Tsang to Orissa vividly accounts the flourishing state of Buddhism in Odra. There is a large area which is still unexcavated and grips its visitors with thrill and anticipation. For adventure enthusiasts, a climb up the hill behind is an added attraction. Lalitgiri, near Udayagiri, is the earliest Buddhist complex in Orissa built on a sandstone hill. It is a popular tourist destination and pilgrimage site for its enormous brick monasteries, the ruined Chaitya Hall, stone stupas and the museum that is home to statues of Buddha, scrolls and other Buddhist relics. Ratnagiri, near Udayagiri, is a must visit on your tour to Buddhist monuments in Orissa for its two spacious monasteries, a large Stupa, Buddhist shrines and intricately carved sculptures.

K7 Holidays Buddhist Monuments

ACCOMMODATION: One need to stay in Bhubaneswar and take a day excurssion tour to witness the remains of the Buddhist Learning centre. K7 Holidays can arrange your accommodation in Bhubaneswar according to your budget.

K7 Holidays Buddhist Monuments

HOW TO REACH: Udayagiri Buddhist complex is located in the Jajpur district of Orissa is 95 km from Bhubaneswar. Bhubaneswar has a domestic airport and is connected to destinations like Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad.


CHANDRAGIRI- the Jirang Monastery: Tibetan spiritual leader and by His Holiness Dalai Lama has inaugurated the biggest monastery of North India at Chandragiri in Orissa’s Gajapati district on Jan 12 2010. The monastery, being built since December 2003, is all set to push the “little Tibet” —where 3,000-odd immigrants have made their home for the past five decades — on the international tourism map. The refugees — for whom arrangements were made by the government during the Chinese aggression in 1959 — have renamed Chandragiri as “Phuntsokling” meaning “land of happiness and plenty”. This place already attracts a good number of foreign tourists, especially Buddhist pilgrims. over 10 times the present inflow are expected after the completion of this huge monastery.

The complex is spread across mediation hall, administrative quarters, assembly hall of lamas, chapels, shrines and a vast library of Buddhist scriptures. The architecture of the monastery represents the Tibetan style designed with frescoes out of Buddhist scriptures. The huge golden statue of Buddha presides in the monastery with statues of Lord Padmasambhaba and Lord Avalokiteswara on either side. It built on 10 acres at a cost of Rs 8 crore. It took almost 10 years for completion. Mahavihar is a four-storied complex with a massive prayer hall and place of worship with 200 resident monks, mostly from the Himalayas. It would provide research facilities to the people interested in Buddhism. The new monastery named as Padmasabhava Mahavihar will cater to the growing needs of the Buddhists. Mahavihar is a tribute to the rich spiritual heritage, particularly to Buddhism in Orissa.

ACCOMMODATION: Somebody interested may visit without staying overnight, K7 Holidays can able to arrange your accommodation in the OTDC Panthaniwas at Taptapani which is about 1 & 1/2 hours drive away, in a beautiful setting and comfortable. It is about 280 KM away from Bhubabeswar, the capital city of Bhubaneswar.

K7 Holidays : Buddhist Monuments

K7 Holidays also offers other Buddhist sites that you can visit on your tour to Buddhist monument in Orissa, include Padmapur, Deogarh, Banpur and Biswanath Hill. The best time to visit the these Buddhist monasteries and complex is between the months of October and March.

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